Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hand Made Valentine's Day Card

Today I'm going to show you a Valentine's card for my wife, Susy.  I hope you like and that she loves it.  I'm somewhat of a novice at card making.  However, I feel like I get better every time I make one.  It uses a lot of pop dots that look great on the card but are hard to see in the pictures.  Click on any picture to enlarge.
Handmade Valentine's Day Card
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Handmade Valentine's Day Card Inside
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Handmade Valentine's Day Card Back
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Now I'm going to do my best to explain how I made this card.  It took me several hours to finish.  After thinking for some time over what kind of like my card should have I couldn't come up with any idea I liked.  Eventually I gave up and started looking at all our stamps for inspiration.  When I saw this monkey and tiger stamp I could just see them kissing and the idea was born.  Quickly I went threw my personal scrapbook papers and found ones I liked for this theme.

I looked for our ink, but Susy had it under a pile of papers so I couldn't find it.  I used distress ink form Tim Holtz.  Anyone who has used this ink knows it does not give you a clear stamp image by design.  I then went back in with ink pins and filled in the spots that the stamps left out so I would have a clear image. I colored in the stamps with colored pencils and ink pens and then fussy cut them out.
stamped tiger and monkey
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fussy cut tiger and monkey
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Next I cut four 1 1/2 inch borders out of shinny blue cardstock(blue is Susy's favorite color).  I punched those borders to make the a little more refined.  Then I took out our sewing machine and sewed the 4 borders together to make a frame.  I used Tim Holtz black soot distress ink to grudge it up.  I also punched 4 corners that I grudged up and placed over the corners of the frame with pop dots to cover the spots where the borders overlap.

I cut the paper with the flowers on it to the size of the frame and put it under the frame using pop dots.

Then I ran my two stamped imaged threw a Xyron sticker machine and put them on the background.

You may recognize the white flower on the front of the card from a paper quelling post that I made several blog post back.

Working on Valentine's Day Card
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 On the inside of the card I really like the look with the middle paper being different.  However, this was a mistake.  The front of the card is 7x7, but I don't have any papers bigger then 12x12.  So to make a paper that that is 14 inches long I was going to have to glue 2 or more papers together.  The cool border at the at the top came about much the same way when I cut the inside papers slightly two short and needed something on top of them to make the inside panels slightly taller.  I grudged up that border with the Tim Holtz black soot ink.
Valentine's Day Card Inside
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The heart I drew myself and then cut out.  I used a paper distressing tool on the edges of the heart and added Tim Holtz broken china ink to it.  I wrote my note on the pink vellum on the right side but took this pictures before writing the note since that's a personal thing between my wife and I.
Valentine's Day Card Back Panel
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The back panel is the same paper that I used on the cover of the card.  I stamped it with a flowers label and dated the card.

I'm not great at walkthroughs and clearly didn't take enough pictures, but I hope if anyone wants to replicate this card they are able to

P.S.  I don't know the name of any of the papers because the there names were cut off long ago.  The cardstock is from Coredonations.

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