Thursday, February 28, 2013

The TJ Maxx Haul Hoax?

TJ Maxx
Thanks to Craig Dietrich of flickr for the photo
Have you seen all the great scrapbook hauls people are getting at TJ Maxx this past week?  They look amazing.  People say just keep going back you will find the supplies, but will you?  Maybe not if you live in south Florida.

After seeing all the great scrapbook hauls we had to check out  TJ Maxx.  We went to a TJ Maxx a little over a week ago.  They had no scrapbook supplies to speak of.  Since then we have gone to 5 other local TJ Maxx stores in three different towns.  None of them had more then a few of the same old supplies that have been at those stores for over a month.

I know the TJ Maxx haul videos are not hoaxes.  I was only joking about that, but part of me really does wonder if any of those great supplies in the videos made it to south Florida.

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