Thursday, April 25, 2013

7 Gypsies: Behind the Scenes

I LOVE 7 Gypsies scrapbook supplies!  They have a feel that often works for manly pages.

The 7 Gypsies story like so many others is a love story.

It all started one fateful day when an architect who wanted to be a painter crossed paths with a school teacher who enjoyed collecting things.  The two fell in love and got married.

They decided to pack their bags and travel the world.  The years passed one after the next and they had 7 children but never stopped traveling.

You can't exactly stuff 7 kids in the back seat of a compact car so they got a van.  They would sometimes notice people in cars looking at them a little strange, but thought nothing of it.

One day while driving in the south of France they were shocked to see many white vans identical to their own pulling out of a field.  The vans were filled with Gypsies.  They instantly knew what all the strange looks had been for.  Everyone they drove past on the road that day had thought the 7 of them were 7 Gypsies.

Time passed and eventually our two love birds lost the need to travel constantly.  They made themselves a home in the south western U.S.  They decided to start their own scrapbook line and base the designs on their world travels.  Only one name seemed right for this new company and this story ends or does it really only
just begin with the the birth of the 7 Gypsies scrapbook company.

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  1. What a great story! I had no idea that's where their name came from! :)