Tuesday, April 23, 2013

American Crafts: Behind the Scenes

American Crafts is a true American success story.  It seems to be always be growing when so many other great scrapbook companies disappear.  What makes this scrapbook company different and so successful?  I'm sure their great designs have a lot to do it with it, but IMO so does the way this family operated and owned business adapts and works with the craft market.

In 1994 Steve and Alma Mitchel with the help of their sons founded American Crafts.    This well known scrapbook company didn't always make scrapbook supplies.  Originally they made gel pens, ink pens, and markers.

However in the late 1990's the scrapbook market really began to pick up and American Crafts saw the potential of this emerging group of crafters.  Since American Crafts first appearance on the scrapbook scene they have steadily expanded and become trend setters.

The company is always looking for ways to offer even more scrapbook supplies.  In 2009 they bought Pebbles.  Two short years after that they also acquired the well known scrapbook brand Crate Paper.
Their designs feature bright colors with a contemporary feel.  It's a design concept many scrapbookers love insuring that American Crafts will continue to grow in a time when so many scrapbook companies just disappear.

On a side note this is my 200th blog post

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  1. Love AC!!! Their products are always so fresh and fun! And congrats on your 200th bloggy post!!!