Thursday, April 18, 2013

Amy Tangerine: Behind the Scenes

Amy Tan the founder of Amy Tangerine
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I'm sure you have seen Amy Tangerine paper at your local craft shop.  Amy Tangerine makes quality scrapbook paper that is very cute, but did you ever stop to wonder what inspires this company to come up with the designs we love and would you believe the their story doesn't begin with scrapbooking?

Amy Tangerine was founded by a young women named Amy Tan.  She grew up loving fashion.  While many of our readers found themselves on the floor cutting up papers to make craft projects little Amy was cutting up fashion magazines and taping pictures to her bedroom wall.

After graduating from high school she concentrated on becoming a successful fashion designer.  Five years later, Amy Tan had made her mark in the world of fashion.  She had her own line of handcrafted T-shirts that she sold under the Amy Tangerine name.  Her line of quality stitched clothing was not only loved by the scrapbooking community, but also the public in general.  It was featured in hundreds of retail outlets including Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York.

I don't know what made Amy Tan expand her design skills into the scrapbook world.  Perhaps it was the way the scrapbooking community had always loved her work.  No matter what the reason was in 2007 she expanded and started making scrapbook supplies.

With the help of American Crafts Amy puts out a line of scrapbook supplies.  The line just wouldn't be Amy if it didn't include fabric.  There are 8 stitched or adhesive backed fabric papers, fabric stickers, and fabric Delights.  She has also designed many other scrapbook supplies including 16 other patterned papers.

Today Amy Tan lives in a little apartment in Venice Beach with her boyfriend JC and her two dogs Buster and Bamboo.  She enjoys traveling the globe, riding her bike, and talking with creative people.  However, despite all her success Amy Tan remains just a normal person.  I wrote her and asked permission to use the photo in this post.  Much to my surprise she personally wrote me back hours later.  It was just a short note, but it made my day.  As a scrapbooker I look at Amy Tan is a celebrity and was surprised that she took the time for a little blogger like myself.

Thanks Amy!

Until tomorrow have a great day and happy scrapbooking.


  1. Amy is just amazing!! I love her and all her scrappy goodies!! I even have one of her handmade shirts!!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment on our blog. It is truly appreciated.
    Like Amy Tan's design, very fresh and upbeat. Good to hear that she is not like the others and that she is still normal. That's good to hear...In this industry sometimes people can get too competitive and too flashy with their projects. Remember the saying "everything but the kitchen sink"? That's where it is heading.

    Good luck with your store, I promise to check out.

    Take care..