Monday, April 8, 2013

An Easter Craft Project?

Easter Cake Pop Display
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Those who read this blog often know that recently we took a few weeks away from the blog while we concentrated on getting the scrapbook store open once again. However, we were able to do a few craft projects during this time.

I work on our store full  time, but Susy works is a manager at a shipping company.  Every holiday we try to come up with a little something to give her team.  This is what we made for this Easter.

We found these little pots at a local craft store for only $0.40.  We painted acrylic paint.  We filled them with Easter grass and a few chocolate Easter eggs each.   The pinwheels were very easy to make.  We used a pinwheel punch, a brad, and a toothpick.

The finial component is the cake pops.  We had never made cake-pops before, but Susy is a great cook so we figured how hard could it be.  :P  We were to learn it isn't completely easy.  If you want to know  how we made our ugly but yummy cake-pops let me know and I'll make a separate post.
Easter Cake Pop Pot
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It took us two nights to make all 25 of these little Easter presents.   They were a big hit.  Everyone ask Susy (who works very long hours) where she found the time.  :)  I know it's a long time until next Easter, but these were so cute I wanted to make the post on them anyway.

Have a great day and Happy Scrapbooking


  1. This is awesome!! LOVING those pinwheels!! Thanks for visiting my bloggy... that means a lot to me!! :)

  2. Gosh, that is a fun creation and so wonderfully made! Looks really festive! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, take care, Ira xox

  3. Ooooh...this is one great gift idea. Love the little pinwheels and the painted pots! :)

  4. this is so cute!!! this would be great for a teacher's gift!