Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cosmo Cricket: Behind the Scenes

I find the story of Cosmo Cricket personally inspiring because it is the story of a husband and wife team who wanted to start a scrapbooking business and were successful.  It honestly isn't easy!  I forget the actual percentage, but many married people who start a business together get divorced because of the stress.  Many other business simply fail.  So finding a couple who has stayed happy and been wildly successful is inspiring.  Don't worry Susy and I are fine, but that isn't to say we don't have disagreements about how much housework vs store work I should do, what we should buy, or what we should post on the blog.  However, with love, a bit of understanding, and a lot of hard work I believe we can be successful just like Eric and Julie Comstock the founders of Cosmo Cricket.

Now onto the Cosmo Cricket story:

In the summer of 2006 Eric and Julie Comstock decided to do something that some would say is crazy.  Why not start a scrapbook company together?

They decided to entered the world of scrapbooking with a big splash.  The world first saw Cosmo Cricket at the Cha of summer 2006.  Everyone loved their style and Cosmo Cricket was an instant success.  In fact, for their first year Eric and Julie had trouble just keeping up with all the orders.

The years passed and the work load of sending out the orders took more and more of their time.  After 7 years Eric and Julie decided to go back to what they love, designing beautiful scrapbook paper.  To accomplish this they teamed up with Advantus Corp. and handed over the phones and order processing to them.

Eric and Julie still design every product that Comso Cricket produces.  They live and work in Austin, Texas with their 4 children.

I'm happy that we carry few Cosmo Cricket products and only wish we carried many more.

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