Friday, April 26, 2013

Graphic 45: Behind the Scenes

The family behind Graphic 45I love using Graphic 45 supplies,  however to be honest it hasn't always been that way.  Don't get me wrong I've always loved their stuff.  In the past, I just wasn't willing to cover up their beautiful papers and thus found the brand intimidating.  I've now gotten over that fear though and I'm sure you will also if you give Graphic 45 a try.

This award winning scrapbook company was founded by a mother (Diane Schultz) and her two daughters (Aimee and Charee Filimoehala).  Their supplies capture the essence of the 1920's and 30's making them absolutely perfect for anyone who loves a vintage look.

Graphic 45 layout
from our 10/17/2012 post
Diane (the mom) is the designer and CEO of graphic 45.  She loves to be creative and helping others be creative.  Anyone who has seen the supplies Graphic 45 makes would instantly know they are designed by a professional and they would be correct.  In the past Diane has designed for McCalls, Simplicity, and Vogue just to name a few.  That wasn't good enough though she actually went back to school and got her degree in graphic design before founding the company.

Aimee Filoehala (the daughter) is the director of operations.  What this really means is she does almost everything.  Aimee is in charge of the business and marketing and well any crazy thing that many come up.

Charee Fimimoehala (the other daughter) is the director of customer service and social media.  I know from my efforts at social media for our store that this is a HUGE job and can't imagine how hard it is to do for a store the size of Graphic 45.  Charee clearly does this job well.  When I asked to have the picture of the 3 of them for this blog post Grapic 45 wrote me back within 5 minutes saying yes.  That's impressive at least to me.

Graphic 45 is a true family business in every sense of the word.  It seems to me in the world of scrapbooking the family owned business are the ones who that somehow give us that magic that is hard to describe.

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  1. I love G45!!! Their papers are amazing!! I love using them on altered projects!!