Monday, April 15, 2013

Ink Emboss Resist Technique Variation with Water Colors

emboss resist technique
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Believe it or not, before today I had never tried the Emboss resist technique.

After seeing a blog that had an example of a card made with the Ink Emboss resist technique, I asked myself would this work with water colors?  

The blog did not say how to do this technique with ink, but I've seen Susy do it before (from a distance) so I asked myself why not give it a try?

embossed images
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First, I stamped a double image with the same stamp and clear embossing Ink.  

Next, I poured embossing powder over both images and cleaned off the excess.

Then I used our heat tool to melt the embossing powder.

I didn't know how long it would take to cool and I stay in a hurry, so I put the paper in our freezer while I got the ink and paint ready.

Minutes later I took the cold paper out of a freezer and went to work.

emboss resist with ink
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On the first one I added red and blue ink.  I found that the ink stayed on top of the embossed image.  I took my finger to embossed image, but it only blended the ink and would not wipe it away.  I got a paper towel and practically used it is sandpaper rubbing back and forth over the embossed image,  After around 30 secs of doing this I was able to clean the image to it's original white color.  There is likely an easier way to do this, but this is what I did.

emboss resist with water colors
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On the second one I used blue and red water color paint. Unlike my experience with the Ink I found none of the paint stayed on the embossed image leaving it completely white even after I painted directly over it.  I did wipe the extra paint off with a paper towel after I finished, but only so the project would be done quicker and I could write my blog post on it.  There was no actual need to do this.

So what did I learn?

Both the ink and paint method work, are easy and gave me what I consider great results.  The ink method has nice soft colors with a more refined look.  The water color method seems to have a more artistic look to me, but then again I'm very into water colors lately.

I hope I've inspired you to try a scrapbook technique that you have never tried today.

emboss resist with ink and water colors
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  1. Gary, I love how this resist technique looks! Yours look awesome -- especially as it's the first time you've did it!

    Thanks for sharing -- this is one I'll just have to try!!!