Saturday, April 27, 2013

Maya Road: Behind the Scenes

Building at intersection of several Maya Roads
Thanks to NCReedplayer of flickr for the photo
Maya Road isn't new to the scrapbooking world. 

The company was founded 2003 when two sisters  went shopping for scrapbook supplies.  After looking up and down the aisles they couldn't find what they wanted.  Everything not only looked the same, but was also expensive.  After the two of them left that craft store they started talking about how they wished things were.  They wanted to make high quality and creative scrapbook supplies that  were still affordable.

That conversation turned into a business idea and before long the two of them were selling their own scrapbook supplies on eBay.  You can only do so much business on eBay though and in 2004 after soul-searching they decided to truly launch Maya Road.

They launched with 38 products at the 2004 Hobby Industry Association.  Since that time Maya Road has added over 600 new products including chipboard, ribbons and fiber.

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  1. I love Maya Road!! They always have such great goodies!!