Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Little Shoebox: Behind the Scenes

cat in shoebox
Thanks Seth Werkheiser or flickr for the photo
When I write these behind the scenes looks I rely on a few sources.  The main source I look at is the companies website, but also I rely on their blog plus our original store description of their brand and my personal knowledge.

However, when I went to I found it did not have an about us page.  When I clicked on the scrapbook page it loaded a fabric page.  Other pages didn't load at all.  However, the page has a cool look and I hope they get it running correctly soon.

Next I went to their blog and didn't find the information I wanted their either.

That leaves me with one source, our actual webpage.  Sadly the description below is basically word for word from our website, but it give some good information on this great scrapbook company that apparently is very hard to find currently.

Helen Chu founded My Little Shoe Box in spring of 2005 and to this day is the creative director.  However, the story of Helen and My Little Shoe box starts long before 2005.  Helen Chu has been scrapbooking since she was a little girl, before scrapbooking even was a word.  In 2001 when she got married she made a wedding album/scrapbook for herself.  People thought it was done professionally and thus the idea that she could scrapbook for a living was born.  With encouragement from her husband and family she started My Little Shoebox.    She only wanted people to experience the joy she got from scrapbooking and to take their photos out of the shoebox and into a beautiful scrapbook.    Today My little Shoebox has grown to a major paper company among the boutique scrapbook stores and is one of my favorite brands.  Their supplies are not only beautiful but also very high quality.

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  1. Yeah... I think they are doing fabric now :) I was at Winter CHA and remember seeing their booth with fabric pieces and designs it.... they were really cute!!