Monday, April 29, 2013

Reminisce: Behind the Scenes

The Gibsons owners of Reminisce
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Reminisce wasn't always the manufacture of cute scrapbook supplies that we all love.  Actually when Reminisce was founded they didn't make scrapbook supplies at all.  Reminisce has it's origins is a scrapbook store.  Perhaps that's why they seem to understand the designs we all love.

Matt and Andria Gibson opened their first Reminisce retail store in February of 2002.  The combination of her creativity and his marketing skills turned out to be a great one.  It didn't take long for Reminisce to become one of the biggest scrapbooking stores in the Midwest.

Everyday customers at the store would talk about the things they liked and Matt and Andria quickly understood what scrapbookers wanted.  Armed with this knowledge and two graphic designers they decided to make their own line of scrapbook supplies.  Matt and Andria started selling their first two collections in 2003, one short year after opening their store.

The supplies were a hit and Reminisce has grown over the years.  Today Reminisce has 13 employees and over 30 independent contractors.

They eventually decided to sell their scrapbook store and concentrate on making great new supplies.  However, they haven't stopped keeping careful tabs on what scrapbookers love.

More about the people behind the company:

Andria has been scrapbooking for 8 years.  It was this love of scrapbooking that inspired her to open their original retail store.  She enjoys teaching scrapbook classes around the country, spending time with her family and running marathons.

Matt has a marketing degree.  He perfected his marketing skills by opening multiple businesses before he ever tried opening reminisce with his wife.   Matt works hard to this day helping to spread the word about the Reminisce brand.  I found the picture in this post on Andria's blog about her family.  I wrote Reminisce to ask if I could use the photo and sent them a copy of the article.  Matt personally quickly wrote me back giving me permission to use the photo and correcting me about a mistake I had made in the post.  There are not many stores anymore where a owner will talk to you and help you.  In his spare time Matt enjoys skying and spending time with his family.

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