Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The People Who Shape Scrapbooking

CHA Photo
Thanks to UggBoy♥UggGirl of Flicker for the photo
Every time we add a new brand to our store I find myself searching the web for any information I can find on that company.  Then I write a fun little bio for the search by manufacture section of our shop.

I often find the stories of the people behind these scrapbook companies very interesting and even inspiring.

Amy Tangerine was one such company.  When I was reading about this company I found my self intrigued by the story of Amy Tan, its founder, I asked myself why not write a blog post about this brand?

Any bloggers who puts out 7 new post a week will know the next thought to pop in my head.  Why not write a blog post on all the  brands we carry that have interesting stories? Starting tomorrow with Amy Tangerine I will do a series of post on the scrapbooking brands we all know and love, but may not know much about.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking.


  1. How fun!! I loveeeeeeeeeee Amy!! She is just the sweetest!!

  2. She really is! I wrote her to ask if I could use a picture for tomorrow's post and she personally wrote me back hours later. It made my day. I might be a scrapbooking nerd but I felt like a celebrity had just talked with me.