Tuesday, May 7, 2013

CHA Is Doing what it Can to Help Scrapbook Companies

Thanks to jotterblog of flicker for the photo
I have made a few post in the past about the trouble that the scrapbooking industry is in.  For what ever reason the hobby has been in decline lately and the Craft and Hobby Association has been doing what ever they can to increase the popularity of scrapbooking.

Their most recent attempt is a partnership with the National
Stationery Show(NSS).

NSS will be holding a four day show in New York starting May 19 and CHA is going to attend.  CHA plans to have educational events at the NSS show in an effort to make stationary fans scrapbooking fans.  Sixteen thousand people are expected to attend the NSS show.

This was a great idea in my opinion and has the potential to result in thousands of new scrapbook fans.  It seems only natural that fans of stationery would be fans of scrapbooking.

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