Thursday, May 9, 2013

Crude Comments by Vendors at Scrapbook Expo

This past weekend Susy and I attended the Scrapbook Expo in Orlando.  It was a lot of fun, but during a bathroom break I heard something that I found quite disturbing.  If you are easily offended I suggest you stop reading here.

Normally at any scrapbook expo we here fun comments from customers and we heard plenty this time also like "scrapbooking is better then crack" or "at least my husband knows where I am at night".  However, at this scrapbook expo I was to here something that I found nothing short of disturbing.

Ok now time for the story:

Susy and I got lost on our way to the expo.  We arrived just in time for early bird entry.  Sadly that left us near the back of the line, but it was fine.

For the next several hours we rushed from store to store down the chilly aisles.  It's almost always hot but this time it was cold for some reason.  Eventually I told Susy I would find her later I needed to go to the bathroom/ take a trip to the car with the papers we had gotten so far.  Susy had to go also so we decided to go together.

When I walked into the mens restroom this story takes a turn for the worst.  The first thing I heard was one man ask another "are you getting blown pretty hard over there".  Thats the kind of thing that leaves you in shock.  I didn't know what to think or do when I heard that in a restroom and kind of entered a state of shock for a sec until I saw them at the unrinals and realized they were two vendors from the show talking about the air condition being on full blast this year.

I proceeded to a stall and closed the door.  The two men continued talking.

Man A: Yep it's really cold this year, but it's nice

Man B: I know XXX is always complaining that he's hot but at this expo he said he's actually cold

Man A:  Ya I know what you mean it's great I'm really enjoying it.  Besides their are all the other benefits.  Have you noticed all the women coming to our booths with their high beams on.

Man B: Yes (with a smile in his voice)

They left the bathroom

My jaw could have hit the floor.  After I finished I ran out of the bathroom to catch up with Susy(who was already on her way to the car).  You won't believe what I just heard......  I personally hold men in the scrapbook world to a higher standard and I was completely shocked to here them talking about women/their customers that way.  Susy shrugged it off and said what do you expect they're men.  I know they didn't expect anyone into scrapbooking to be in the bathroom, but I for one expect more from them then checking out the breast of their customers.

I guess the best advice I can give is next time you go to a scrapbook expo cover up because while you check out papers and have a great time the guy running the store might just be checking you out.

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  1. Wow!! That's pretty sad .. I see what your wife means by the comment about them being men (no offense, but it's sadly what we have come to expect from them! LOL!) -- but that's kinda sad they said that about their women customer's :( HOPEFULLY women that came to their booth caught on to their sexist attitudes and didn't buy from them....