Monday, May 20, 2013

Free Digital Images

For those of you in a hurry to see all those great free digital images here is a link  Freubels Freebies scroll down that page and you will see a nice size list of free image categories on the left hand side.

For anyone wants to read a bit of story here is what lead me to that site.....

A few days ago I was blog surfing the scrapbook world.  It wasn't  a mindless surf though.  Susy's birthday is coming up on the 23 so in addition to looking for inspiration for the blog I was hoping to find an idea for her birthday card.

I did find an idea in a steampunk card someone had made where they had stretched a chain from one gear to the next.  I couldn't think of way to use the idea at the time and didn't make note of the blog name (sorry). 

Later on the same day I came across a blog with a small ad on it that got my attention.  Lucky for me I clicked on that ad  and went to Freubels Freebies they have a lot of free images that you can use.

That steampunk card I saw earlier had really inspried me to go steampunk all the way this year for Susy's Birthday, but I don't have any steampunk paper in my personal stash and I wasn't going to "steal" Susy's paper to make her a card.  After searching the site I found 4 images that I thought would work for a steampunk birthday card.

Then I started thinking.  What about steampunk says I love your or Happy Birthday.  I couldn't think of a thing and Susy was going to be home soon so I closed all the sites related to her birthday and cleaned up the house.

That night I went to bed with that steampunk card on my mind.  I guess my brain never gave up because I woke up at 4 am with the answer......

OK sorry for the teaser, but I'm going to make you wait until tomorrow to see this card.  I want to keep this post mainly about that great freebie site.  Besides the card is deserving of it's own post.  It's my best work ever by far in my opinion so please come back tomorrow to see all the pictures of it and leave comments.

I'm also going to make a post the day after that detailing how I made this card.  I took pictures along the way and that particular post is going to be a book because this card took me over 4 hours to make.  Can you tell I'm proud of it :) 

See you tomorrow until then happy scrapbooking.

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  1. Can't wait to see the card!! Off to see that site!!