Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting Geared Up for Steampunk Scrapbooking

watch parts for steampunk scrapbooking
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It's Susy's Birthday on the 23 so I've been busy preparing.  Step 1 is gifts and for months now I've been wanting to her her some watch parts I saw on eBay. (I'm also getting her some other scrapbook supplies) I found the parts in this post for only $10 with shipping.  The secret is shopping around and then placing a snipe bid with a few secs on the clock.  I'm glad I won.  The parts are amazing and I'm sure Susy will love them.

Maybe someday when our store is bigger I will have the shelf space to buy items like this and list them in a scrapbook candy section for a few cents each.  Sadly that day will have to wait until our sales pick up and we can afford to expand past 500 items.

watch backs
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I hope you enjoy the pictures.  If you do decide to go to eBay and buy your own gears please beware not every auction is equal.  I shopped around a lot for these and some auctions with this amount cost twice is much.  Also avoid auctions with words like "gear glitter".  One of the reasons I bid on this auction was the larger size of the items.  Some actions have mainly screws and other very small parts that actually almost qualify is glitter.  All I can do is wish you good luck in your search.

watch insides
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One last note: if you look at the pictures some of the gears and other parts have long parts behind them that would make it hard to scrapbook with them.  After taking these pictures I used a pair of wire cutters to make these parts lay flat in a scrapbook.

fancy watch gears
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Tomorrow I'm going to show you how I wrapped this all up.  Until then have a great day and happy scrapbooking.

watch faces
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  1. Sooooo awesome!!! You have more patience than me, I get anxiety on Ebay bidding! LOL!