Sunday, May 12, 2013

Handmade Mother's Day Card

Handmade Mother's Day Card
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I made this card to give to my mom for Mother's Day.  I can't tell you what papers I used, because all the papers were from my scraps pile.

I stamped Happy Mothers Day with two different sets of alphabets.  One set was all lowercase and one set was all uppercase.  However, the eclectic nature of the lower case set makes it look like they go together. Each letter was stamped individually so that I could squeeze them close together.

The cat stamp doesn't really have a lot to do with Mother's Day.  I just thought it was really cute and that my mom would like it.  I colored it using ek success colored pencils.  One of these days I'll stop being cheap and buy Copics.

I attached the shinny blue circles to the card using glossy accents.  I also put glossy accents and white glitter on the bubbles in the fish tank.  Last but not least I embossed several flowers onto the area of the card that says Happy Mother's Day.

I hope you like the card and have a great Mother's Day this year.


  1. this is so cute! you should enter this in scribbles shaped card challenge!

  2. Thanks for telling me about this Cely. All the cards are amazing! I'm actually intimidated after seeing so many cards that I like more then my own that have entered. Plus I already mailed that card to my mom and don't have any additional photos of it. Maybe next time. Thanks again for telling me about the challenge though.