Sunday, June 9, 2013

Handmade Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday card for smart kids
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I made this card for my nephew Ben.  Ben is very smart and enjoys school.  When I thought of how to make a card personal to him school strangely enough seemed like a good subject for the card.

Almost everything I make is made out of Susy's scrap
handmade birthday card with popup bolloon
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hand me downs.  This card was no exception so sadly I can't tell you the names of any of the supplies I used.

The first thing I did for the front side was use silver metallic embossing powder to stamp happy birthday.  For the background I was going for a very splotchy look.  I used water color paint to paint the blue sky and green grass and trees top.  I added drastically more water color pigment in some areas then others.  After letting it dry for only a few minutes I balled up a paper towel and dabbed the paper dry resulting in the large light splotches I wanted.

For the school house I used a stamp.  I stamped it one time in red  and one time in black so that the roof would not  have red lines.  I finished it with colored pencils.

For the little boy I used a stamp with blue ink.  I finished him with colored pencils and put him on pop dots.  The arms and legs are points of interest on the little boy.  They were just little thin lines that were going to flop around after being cut out.  If you look at his arms you will notice a little blue line on the outside edges.  Those lines are the stamped arms and I simply colored the space between it in the shirt skin colored and made that into an arm. When it came to the legs I simply cut them off.  Next, I cut two little strips of white paper. colored them skin color, and then glued them behind the shorts.
pop up happy birthday balloon birthday card
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The balloon on the inside is on paper springs so it's going to pop way up when the card is opened.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the card I made and that it gives you an idea for a project you are working on.  I know I always find all your projects so inspirational.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking.

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  1. This is soooooooo fun! LOVING the child and the school house!!