Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Scrapbooking Dream

For a short period yesterday I had a post that told our scrapbook business story.  I personally enjoyed reading it.  However, I took it down because I didn't feel many others would.  Instead of talking forever about our past I want to use this post to talk about our dreams.

Our dream hasn't always been to have an online scrapbook store.  The dream of making money with the hobby we love started years ago with an eBay store selling the scrapbook mat sets and layouts that Susy and I would make.

Dreams evolve and change though and eBay stopped fitting our needs.

In the end we decided to open an online scrapbook store.  It's a big accomplishment and Susy and I are both very proud of it's successes.  However, there have been hard times.  Times when I just didn't understand why people didn't shop at our store and times when companies we work with have really hurt our business.

Picture of Dreams text
Thanks to Michael Coghlan of flickr for the photo
However, we keep fighting and will keep fighting.  We hold the dream of a store that has everything 4 scrapbooking at the cheapest prices anywhere online near and dear to our heart.  We truly do want to change the way scrapbooking business is done.  For me it's always been mission not business.

We now have a new dream.  After the web store is wildly successful (and I have faith that it will be someday) we will open a scrapbook superstore with classes and tons of supplies at great prices.  Susy and I have spent countless nights in bed together talking about this ultimate dream.

I do a lot behind the scenes to promote our online store and I'm often asked by new webmasters should I keep trying or just give up?  If I see potential I often say keep trying and give them helpful hints.  Sadly I also often tell people that I can't recommend anyone tries to open an online business.  47% of online businesses fail before their forth year!  I can tell you from personal experience its an uphill battle.  It will steal your time, money, and often eyesight (from looking at computer screens for hours on end) and in the end you likely will fail.  I feel by telling people you can do it I do them a disservice because you can only do it if you are willing to swim against the current when everyone tells you not to.  You need that kind of drive to be successful.

I want to end by saying thanks to all the people who help make our dream come true.  It doesn't matter if you have made a purchase or if you simply enjoy reading our blog from time to time.  You are important to Susy and I.  We want to change scrapbooking and that would never be possible without each and everyone of you.

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  1. Such a great post!! LOVE that you are going for your dream!!!