Friday, July 5, 2013

A Day Away From Scrapbooking to Show Off My Pineapple

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I know this is a scrapbook blog, but I'm very proud of my little porch garden and I wanted to take a moment to brag about my pineapples.  I showed you my first of the 4 pineapples I got this year from my little garden way back on November 25, 2012.

What many people don't know is Pineapples take several months to mature, but it's fun watching them grow and they taste amazingly good.  Imagine a store pineapple that is 3 times sweeter!  Also note how much bigger the leaves are.  I'm not sure what they do to the pineapples in the stores, but they don't look or taste like a real pineapple you grow yourself.  I would highly recommend people in warmer climates grow them. 

We live in Florida and my Pineapple plants thrive here and I get several pineapples every year.  I only water them once a week In the summer(because its very hot) and never water them in the winter.  It couldn't be any easier then that.

To get your own pineapple plant all you have to do is cut the top off any pineapple and put in in the ground.  It will grow roots and turn into a plant.  When ever a plant has a pineapple you can grow a new plant.  Plus every time you grow a pineapple the plant splits and you can tear off half the plant and put it in the round turning 1 large pineapple plant into 3 every year to every other year!  I have 7 plants and I've given several way over the years because I have no place to keep them but hate to just kill them.

This year I've already given away a plant and have 4 more to give away!  Sadly the plants are big and I can't mail them to my blog followers, but they are very easy to grow on your own.  I've even given plants to my mom in Kentucky.  They live through the Kentucky winter.  However, she has never gotten a pineapple from them.

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