Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chain Craft Store Disappointment

We have two major craft chain stores near us.  We often visit them on the weekend for something to do.   However, the way these companies treat their customers was a major inspiration in the founding of our store.  Yet we go visit them over and over for something to do and punish ourselves.  I have to ask myself why.

I won't name names but one of these two stores in my opinion tries to fraud it's customers.  They have no scanners at their store and have misleading ads and badly labeled products that lead you to believe items are on sale when they are not.  I could be wrong, but I've always felt they do this was done purposely.

However, this posting is about the other craft chain store near us.  This one is full of rude customer service and has notoriously slow lines, but it's big so we drive the 40 minutes to look around and have some fun.  While looking around on our last visit we saw a large sign over the punches that said 50% off punches.  The first thing we did was check the date on the ad because this store often leaves old ads up that are no longer valid.  After carefully reading it and knowing it was valid Susy picked out 4 punches and we purchased them.  The two of us hadn't walked 5 steps from the cash register when I said to Susy, "wait a minute it shouldn't have cost that much money".  They had given us 50% off 2 of the 4 and charged full price for the other 2.

wall of yarn
Thanks to Betsssssy of Flickr for the photo
I went back into the store grabbed the ad that clearly said 50% off punches not buy one get one 50% off and we got in line again.  When we got the register we showed the cashier the ad.  You would think this would be an simple problem to fix. However, it wasn't simple at all!  The cashier tried for 20 minutes but was unable to figure out how to charge us the advertised price.  Finally we were fed up and told her we would just return everything we had gotten.

Here is the fun part the cashier tried to give us $7 less back then we had paid for the items!  We told her it should be the same amount we paid try again.  The next time she tried to give us back $9 less then we had paid.  We kept having her try and she kept giving us different numbers but always at least $5 less then we had paid for the items.  The cashier explained that she understood we should get back what we paid, but that's not what the computer was telling her so she wouldn't give it to us.  Finally a manager came over after the cashier begged her to please help!  Withing 30 sec the manager was able to give us the correct refund.

We didn't want this to happen to anyone else and Susy still really wanted the punches so while we had the manager there Susy told her that the punches were being charged incorrectly and handed the store manager the advertisement.  Now you might expect a good manager to say "you are right I'm so very sorry would you still like to buy them".  I know from working is a manager in the past I would have done that and even given the supplies for free if that's what it took to make the customer happy.

However, that is not what this manager did at all!  She said we were right they should have been 50% off all  punches.  She then tossed the ad in the trash and walked away!

All I can say is WOW.  We couldn't have left more disappointing and will likely not be back to that store for some time.

I swear that our store will never treat you this way.  It is our goal not only to sell the cheapest supplies, but
to make sure every customer is happy with their order and 100% satisfied.

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  1. Wow.. what a bad experience!!! I always cringe when I have to walk into Michael's ... I only go there if I absolutely have to -- they are horrible!!