Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fun with the Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch

I always enjoy using the Martha Stewart Circle Edge punch, but don't often have a need to use it.

I decided to goof off some with the circle edge punch today and see if I could make a wreath.

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 To make this wreath I punched a 11 inch wide doily.  Then without removing the paper from the punch I took out the punch portion and put it back in backwards at 6 inches.    Note that the design overlaps.  I was unhappy with the result and tried to make it into a flower.  It didn't work so I played with the idea of using it to accent cute accessories.

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It was cute, but mainly because the accessory was cute, my sad attempt at a flower was not.
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I tried putting an even cuter accessory in it and I liked it more but deep in my heart I knew I only liked it because of the accessory.  Not wanting to give up on using the Martha Steward Circle Edge punch in inventive ways I decided to try again.

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This time I set the outside circle to 12 inches instead of 11 and the inside to 6.  Finally I got the the result I wanted!  I really like how it turned out.  It would make a cute wreath or could even be used in the background of a layout. 

Note: The last punch of the inside circle did not line up exactly, but it was close.  This imperfection could easily be covered with a small accessory.

I truly enjoyed making this post.  I hope you enjoyed looking at it and maybe even got inspired.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking.


  1. Loving these!! LOVING how you made a wreath with the punch!!

  2. Love it! I cut large one in orange an small one in black. Hung the small one in middle for Halloween party.