Thursday, July 18, 2013

Handmade Leaf Paper

handmade leaf paper
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I'm not ashamed to say that over the years I have learned a few things from Martha Stewart.

Usually what I learn is related to cleaning the house.  I remember shocking some of Susy's friends at a baby shower a few years back when they saw I knew how to fold a round table cloth.  Granted it's not hard, but I guess it's the kind of thing your average man doesn't know.

I got the idea to make this paper from an old episode of Martha Stewart that Susy and I saw on Hulu.  In the episode she used a technique very similar to the one I used to decorate a canvas bag.

painted leafs
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I know this isn't a perfect paper, but it was my first try ever at this technique and I'm sure I would improve with practice.  However, it does look better then the pictures show. 

I'm going to explain how I made it now so you can duplicate the paper.

1) I went outside and picked 4 leafs off a bush.  I tried to pick leafs that were very similar in size.  Is it turns out they were not similar enough (at least for me).  I highly recommend you only use leafs on a pattern project like this that are almost identical.

2) I laid the leafs on the paper and arranged them into 1/4 of this pattern.  I marked the center of the 4 leafs with a small pencil dot.  I then repeated this step 3 more times.

Soy Sause
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3) I laid the leafs face up on a scrap paper and painted them with red acrylic paint. (the paint I used was not acid free, but you can find acid free paint.)

4) I laid the leafs paint side down on the paper centering them on 1 of the 4 dots.  I then put a paper towel on top of them (this will absorb paint that comes out from under the leaf) and used a bottle to press them into the paper.  Next I simply repeated this step 3 more times.

5) On my very last leaf I got paint on the paper.  EEK!  Instead of trashing the paper or cutting it smaller I decided to cover my mistake with lots of extra paint.  I put a few larger bush strokes around the paper and then hit many small dots of paint off the brush onto the paper.

I hope this turtial helps you avoid the mistakes I made if you try this.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking.

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  1. Very cool!!! I love how it turned out!!! And even I don't know how to fold a round tablecloth! LOL!!!