Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Almost Card

bending wire
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A few days back I was walking in the parking lot and found a short piece of copper wire.   I have never done any wire work but thought to myself I can do something cool with that.  I picked it up and took it home.

A quick search on wire work in Google resulted in complicated techniques.

sewing wire to paper
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Instead, I took out my needle nose pliers and decided to figure it out on my own.  By bending the wire around the pliers I was able to make a B, heart and S (short for Brent loves Susy). I took out a thread and needle and
sewed the letters to a piece of paper.  To sew them I went over the wire at a diagonal until the next spot where the wire bends.  Then I would put the thread through the thick paper.  Using a light so could see the wire I would push the needle back out to the front of the paper directly across from where it went under.  This was a
sewn wire heart
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long process and when I finished I noticed a big problem.  I had just wrote Susy loves Brent not Brent loves Susy.  Ekk!!!!

I wasn't in love with the idea behind the card anymore at this point so I decided instead of starting over I would just quickly finish it and put it on the blog.  I think I will save the heart, but the rest is likely destined for the trash.  I may cut off the heart to use in a future project because I do really like the heart.  I showed the card to Susy and she didn't like it so maybe the fact that this is a card that never was is a good thing.

love card
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Here is the "finished" card.  In reality being I knew I wasn't going to use this card the center of the card is blank.  Also in my rush to finish I glued the center portion with the letters to the wrong side of the card.   The one thing that I really do like is that for the cover I cut paper in half so that the flowers match up on both sides of the paper.
finished love card
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  1. This looks AWESOME!! I am LOVING what you did with the copper wire!! Fabulous!