Saturday, July 27, 2013

Update on Our New Order for the Store

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We were thinking about making our next order for our store from Lily Bee Design.  Lily Bee has a lot of cool scrapbook supplies that are on sale.  We were excited about this becasue the better deal we get the better deal we can offer you!  However, it wasn't to be all sunny skies.  We ran into several problems. 

Problem 1:

We didn't yet have a wholesale account with this company.

This was an easily solved problem.  I simply applied for one.  Lily Bee quickly got back with me and gave me an account.

Problem 2:

Lily Bee also asked for a copy of a portion our Resale Certificate.  This is a normal request that any reputable wholesale company ask for.  However, after looking around our office we could not find the part of this form we would need to send them.

Problem 3:

I called the Florida Business Tax office repeatedly, but no one answered the phone on my first day of trying.  However, on my 2nd day of trying they answered right away.  Believe it or not the Florida Tax office is always very friendly.  They greeted me with a smile in their voice and offered to send me a new form in the mail today!

Problem 4:

I have a strong feeling that by the time we get the form the Lily Bee sale will be over.   This means I'm not sure if our next order will be from them anymore.  I want something cute and something that I can offer our customers at a great price.  I might shop around again and see if I can find a different sale.

I will update you with more info when I know it.

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