Saturday, August 17, 2013

Copic vs Spectrum Noir

I'm by no means a pro with alcohol markers, but I do enjoy using them.

Several weeks back I got my very first Copic marker.  I wanted to get more markers and decided to try a pack of Spectrum Nor.

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Here is why Spectrum Nor are worse then Copics

1) When using them on thin paper they bleed more then Copics.
2) The caps are much harder to put back on then Copics.
3) You can't buy just one.  They are sold in packs.

Here is why Copics are worse then Spectrum Nor

1) The markers are smaller and likely hold less ink.
2) They cost more.

I found both makers blended well with each other.

My personal conclusion is Copic markers are a much higher quality product, that comes at a much higher price.

Which brand will I buy next time I need markers?

I really don't know it depends on how cheap I'm feeling that day.

In tomorrows post I will have some stamped images that I made using both brands.  The blue is my copic and the the pinks and reds are my Spectrum Nor

I hope this review helps someone choice the right marker for them.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking.

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