Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stained Glass Vellum

Stained Glass Vellum
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The other day I was blog hopping and saw a post with an stained glass vellum accessory.  The link in the post that explains the technique didn't work, but decided to try this myself.

I stamped  vellum with stazon and then colored with markers.  I cut out a tag and then cut a square in it that my stamped image would fit inside.  Next I cut a rectangle slightly larger then my stamped image and cut a square out of the inside the size of my stamped image.

The result of all this work is a framed vellum square that isn't great for scrapbooking.  However, it is really cute.  I'm going to give it to my mom and can see it them ending up in her window.

This tag was so much fun to make I'm going to make a new one for tomorrows post.

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