Sunday, September 22, 2013

Multimedia Butterfly Trash to Treasure Part II

Handmade Multimedia Butterfly
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My last trash to treasure multimedia project was so fun I had to make a new one.

multimedia butterfly
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part of old box
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old makeup
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This time I started with a old box flap and some old makeup cloths from the trash.

I cut the box flap into a square and then tore off around half of the portion that covers the box corrugation.  I kept the process messy, because I didn't want a clean look.

painted box
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Next using acrylic paint I painted the box white.

Then I used blue watercolor paint to paint the box blue.  I painted the corrugated part a light blue and the flat part a fun darker blue design.

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For the butterfly I used a Tim Holtz Sizzix Die on the makeup cloths.

I soaked the butterfly parts in watercolor paint and then glue them together.  After gluing them together I wanted the wings to stand out more so I used white acrylic paint to accent them.

The clouds were made out of paper scraps from my stash.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking!


  1. Loveeeeeeeee this!! LOVING that butterfly and what you did with the cardboard!!!

  2. Gary, I love this trash-to-treasure idea!!! Soooo original, and I'm loving that butterfly!!!