Monday, September 16, 2013

Trash to Treasure Mixed Media Butterfly Tag

thank you tag
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I've never done a mixed media scrapbook project before, but I've always wanted to.

I see so many scrapbook blogs with beautiful mixed media projects on them.  I've always looked at them and found attempting something like that out of my league.

However, not long ago I read a blog that basically said it's easy.  Just glue a lot of different items to a paper and then paint them.

I consider myself a mildly skilled painter so when I found someone call it painting it was much less intimidating.

start of mixed media project
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I spent the next week or so looking for items I could glue to a paper.  This was actually a hard task becasue I wanted the items to be trash, but still pretty. 

After looking and looking all I was able to find was a bit of old metal.

Then two days ago Susy shows me a stack of old ugly tags.  She was going to toss them, but always give me the option of having them for my personal stash first.  Instantly I knew I had found the base for my project.

With little more then a handful of tags and a old rusty bit of metal I went to work.  I put a small tag on top of a larger one.  Luckily. the small tag already had a large pop dot under it so I already had dimension for my project.  I glue the old bit of metal to the small tag.
mixed media tag unpainted
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Using a hole punch I made several flowers that I glued down to the paper. 

I took a piece of twine and glued it to my tag.
white mixed media tag
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Now it was time to paint.  I painted the entire tag white with acrylic paint.

Finally, I the real fun began.  I used a few different techniques along with paint types and colors to make this blue monochromatic tag.

I know in my heart that it isn't the best mixed media project ever.  I've seen far better ones before, but for my first try and for only using items (besides the bit twine) that were trash I'm proud of myself.  I find my mind already racing with ideas for my next attempt at mixed media.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking!
finished mixed media tag
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  1. Wowwwwwwwwww! It turned out AWESOME!!! I loveeeeeee it!!!

  2. Gary, you did a fabulous job!!! It looks fantastic!!!

  3. One has always got to start somewhere, and so glad you decided to experiment! The tag turned out really well and I love the colouring! ;-)