Saturday, October 26, 2013

Big Scrapbook Dreams

I want to start this post with a big Thanks to all my loyal blog readers.  This blog gets around 1,000 views per month now.  I'm shocked that so many people want to read about our store and see the things that Susy and little old me create.

You all mean a lot to me and give me so much encouragement, but there are a few of you that I hold extra dear to my heart.  I want to give a special thanks Julie Tucker-Wolek.  Julie comes to our blog daily and always has such nice things to say.  Plus shes kind of the subject of todays post.

Check out Julies wonderful blog at Life with Tucker-Wolek Clan I always find her creations inspiring.

I'm sure Julie is scratching her head now and saying me the subject of a post???  Let me explain...

Lately, I have been working 10 to 12 hour days on our store.  When I'm not working on it I tend to be thinking about it.  Susy and I have a plan to open our very own scrapbook store in just a few years.  The online store is our first stepping stone down that path.  We often talk about what our store would look and be like.

Last night I had a dream.

Susy and I had just opened our store and I stood their proudly behind the counter.  I was so happy that our dream was finally a reality.

I looked around at all the paper and wonderful supplies.  Everything was just where it should be and looked perfect.

A few hours passed by and no one came in, but I wasn't discouraged Susy and I have never expected the real store to be an overnight success.  We are counting on the online store being big enough to support the real store before we open it.

Finally, I hear the door opening.  I turned and smiled.  Hi, thanks so much for coming let me know.....

My mouth drops open in shock,  "It's Julie"  Julie??? I say in a shocked and somewhat confused voice.  She just looks back at me surprised that I knew who she was.  After a moment she realized who I was said Hi back.

It was at this time that I woke up.

I doubt I ever get to meet many of the people who I come in contact with online.  The only way that I might get to meet many of you is if we end up going on the complete scrapbook expo tour.  That might happen at some point if we can make enough money to justify travel expenses and the time we would have to take away from work.  However, each and every one of you mean a lot to me and it seems have even invaded my dreams.

Until tomorrow, Have a great day and happy scrapbooking!


  1. Awwwwwwwwww thanks so much for the shout out!!!! How awesome would it be for me to visit your store!!!!!!

  2. She is an awesome person! Good luck and I hope all works out and your dream comes true!