Friday, October 25, 2013

"New Items" at the Store

OK these items aren't really new, but they used to be bundled and can now be gotten separately.  I just finished checking these prices against the web you will find a hard time finding them cheaper anywhere.

 Black Licorice $0.19

Turtleneck $0.59

 Payday $0.39

 Swoon $0.39

Christmas Cheer Index Journal Cards


Buttercup Index Journal Cards

Handmade Index Journal Cards

Autumn Spice Index Journal Cards

For those of you who are watching the new store take shape I have a update:

Besides adding these items

I fixed the the colors on all 490 items and in every category.


Changed this months newsletter coupon from  15% off Halloween items to 10% off everything because the store no longer has a Halloween section.  If you are not a newsletter subscriber please go to the store and register.  You will instantly get a coupon code for 15% off your first purchase.

Next on my to do list is adding 3 damaged items that we decided not to remove from the store after all.

Have a Great Day and Happy Scrapbooking!

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