Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Copic Marker How To

Copic colored butterfly
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For today's post I'm coloring the exact same butterfly stamp with the exact same marker colors is yesterday.  The only difference is
I'm using the "classic" Copic technique. (colors used on wings BG000 BG01 and B05)

how to color a butterfly with copics
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First I stamped and cut out my image.

blue copic butterfly step 1
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Then I added all my darkest blues with the BG05 Holiday Blue Copic marker.

coloring a butterfly with copics
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Next I went back in with the BG000 Pale Aqua  Copic maker and colored in all the white space on the wings.

how to color with copics
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With the wings blue it was time to start blending.  I used BG01 Aqua Blue Copic maker to blend the area between the the BG000 and BG05 colors.

blue copic butterfly
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I always like to go back in one last time at this point with my lightest color (in this case it was Pale Aqua).  I used Pale aqua to blend the area between BG05 and it's self(Pale Aqua).  I can see some people scratching there heads here.  Why would coloring over part of your pale aqua with more pale aqua help you at all?  The answer is it makes that part of the pale aqua darker making a more seamless blend from BG05 to BG01 colors.

Last, but not least I went in with my gray and black alcohol makers plus multi liners to do the body of the butterfly and retrace the lines on the wings.

copic techniques
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It's amazing how different the exact same butterfly using the exact same colors can look depending on the
technique you use.  In tomorrow's post I'm going to color a potion bottle with the same blues and show you how you can make dots in it.  I would have used a butterfly, but unfortunately we don't have one without dots on the wings already.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking!

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