Thursday, November 14, 2013

Copic Plaid How To

Copic Paid How To
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I mentioned in yesterdays post that I would have one more Copic how to if I could figure out a stamp to use.  What I didn't say is it would be a plaid how to.  I wasn't sure what kind of stamped image to add plaid to.  We don't have any people stamps with large dresses or clothes.  The problem got much easier to solve when I decided to stop thinking so literally and just make a cute plaid tree.

Plaid is a very easy Copic technique.

First find two find tree alcohol markers in the same color family.  I used light pink(PP5 spectrum noir), dark pink (BP4 spectrum noir) and pale fruit pink(E000 Copic)

why to let your stamp ink dry
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I colored the background of my plaid with pale fruit pink.  The lightest of my 3 colors.  What ever colors you choice your background should be the lightest color by far.  Note that I have smudges on my tree of black.  That's becasue I didn't wait for the ink to dry from my stamp and didn't heat set it.  I hope others learn from my mistake.

how to make a plaid pattern
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Take your next darker color (in my case PP5) and cover the area with a checkerboard pattern.

alcohol marker plaid
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Now take your darkest color (in my case BP4) and do a new checkerboard pattern next to the original by simply drawing lines next to your old ones.  Remember if you draw your darker line to the right of one light line you have to draw all your darker lines to the right of your light lines.

The finial step in completing your plaid design is taking a small multi liner or ink pen and drawing lines on the other side of your light color.

How to make plaid with copics
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To complete this project I finished all the little details like the owl and top of the
tree with Copics.  Although I wanted to show everyone how to make a plaid pattern with alcohol makers I'm not normally a huge of plaid.  I was surprised when I actually liked how this turned out.

Tomorrow I'm going to show you a new scrapbook layout Susy made.

Until then have a a Great Day and Happy Scrapbooking!

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  1. Cuteeeeeeeeeee! LOVING that plaid!!! And you should totally take Suzy to the antique store!!! I always find scrappy treasures there to alter ... most of my altered creations are stuff I have picked up at the antique stores!! :)