Monday, November 11, 2013

Copic Pointillism How to

Copic Pointillism Butterfly
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stamped butterfly
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black and white butterfly
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There are several methods for coloring with alcohol inks.  Many consider pointillism the most basic.  It is true that pointillism is easy to learn and do, but it can create beautiful results.  This is on the 2nd time I've tried the technique, but I'm very happy with out it turned out.

The first step in coloring with alcohol markers is getting the correct paper.  For this project I used Neehah Paper Classic Crest Solar White.  If you have copic paper that supposedly works slightly better, but it also cost more.  For my needs Neehah paper works great.  I used Black ColorBox ink, but you could use any ink except Stazon.  StazOn and Alcohol markers do not mix.

Next I cut out the butterfly.

How to color a butterfly with pointillism
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Now it's time to pick the colors.  You will need to pick at least 3 shades of every color you use.  In this project I used three blue Copic Markers (BG05,BG01,BG000),

How to do copic pointillism
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The higher the number the darker the color so BG05 was going to be my dark color.  I started with the dark color and added dots of that color in the areas that I wanted to be darkest.

copic pointillism
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Next I used my lightest of the blues (BG000) and filled in the rest of the area that I wanted to be blue with dots of this color.

Now it's time to blend the dark and the light blues.  For this I used (BG01) and added dots of it in the areas between the light blue and the dark blue.

copic pointillism butterfly
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The butterfly is starting to look good at this point, but I wanted smoother blending so I went back with my lightest color BG000 and added it between the BG01 and BG000 colors.  Adding my light blue BG000 over its self will make that area darker and let the two areas blend better.

The finial step was going back in with my 0.1 and 0.3 black multi liner pins and spectrum noir true black and BGR3 markers to do outlines and the center of the butterflies body.

Coloring with this alcohol markers using the pointillism method couldn't be any easier.  If you have never tried alcohol markers it's a great technique to start with.

Until tomorrow have a great day and happy scrapbooking.