Sunday, November 24, 2013

Copic Prima Fun

Copic Prima Dolls
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Susy and I are both learning to use Copics.  The other day we purchased a few Prima doll stamps and decided to have a little competition between the two of us and see who could make the best one.

In some ways they ended up very similar.  We have 3 skin tone and 4 blue Copics so even though we didn't watch eachother create we ended up with the same blue dress, skin tone, and colored pencil hair.

That said their all some differences.

Prima Doll Stamp
Susy's Creation
Susy used more quality supplies.  Her paper is neenah paper and the stamp ink was memento.  This means her colors did not easily bleed and her stamped image came out darker and clearer.

She decided to make her girl face the light.  For the hair she used two colors of brown colored pencils that she blended with Copic blender.

Prima Doll Stamp
My Creation
I on the other hand figured this was my first large stamp and took a cheaper approach.  I used thin scrap paper for my stash.  The thin paper means my colors bleed a lot more.  I used colorbox black ink, but heat set it to avoid bleeding issues.  I used the same 3 colors of Copic blues that Susy used for my skirt, jacket, and headband.  However, I also used two different pink Spectrum Noir markers on my shirt and the pink part of the skirt.

I used 3 different brown colored pencils on the hair.  I blended it with colored pencils, but then went back in and added a few strands of hair.  Finally, I used a multi liner to outline my stamp.

When we finished and looked at each others first Prima creations we both thought we had made the best one.  In the end it all comes down to style.  I like outlines and she does not.  I like hair with more texture and she likes smoother texture.

What do you like your creations to look like?

Have a Great Day and Happy Scrapbooking!


  1. You have both done a lovely job on the shading.