Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Make Glittered Stickers

how to make stickers
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Did you ever wish you could make and color your own glittered stickers?

It's actually very easy.

how to make glittered stickers
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You will need:

-Double sided adhesive tape
-Stained Glass Style Stickers
-Fine white glitter
how to make stain glass stickers
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Cut out the stained glass sticker you plan to use and hold it up to your double sided sticker.  Double sided stickers are not cheap and this way you can make sure you only cut what you need.
double sided tape
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burnishing glitter
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Remove one side of the double sided sticker.

Burnish glitter into the sticky side of your double sided sticker with your finger.  When you finish the sticker should be sparkly and no more glitter should come off.
glittered stickers
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Add your stain glass sticker to the glittered sticker.  Note that I added a few extra small stickers because I didn't want to waist any space on the glittered sticker.

making glittered stickers
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Color your your stickers with with markers.
handmade glittered stickers
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Cut out your new stickers and enjoy them.

When you are ready to use your creations simply remove the backing paper and stick them to your project.

Have a Great Day and Happy Scrapbooking!

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