Monday, December 16, 2013

A Day Away from Scrapbooking

Not to long ago my mom asked what I wanted for Christmas.  This is always a hard question for me because there are very few things I want.  After she asked me for a few weeks I told her I would like a Meyer Lemon tree, but knew that was a hard gift to get (because of shipping cost and laws about shipping citrus).

Solving the problem she sent me a card with $100 and told me to go get my tree.

I did just that this past weekend

key lime tree, meyer lemon tree
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I got myself a Meyer Lemon and a Key Lime Tree.  The tall one in the back is the Key Lime.

Both of them had flowers and the Key Lime even has fruit

Key Lime flower buds
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meyer lemon flowers
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baby meyer lemons
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My little porch garden is actually doing well for it's self this year

I have 3 orchids in bloom

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I also have tomatoes growing.  I even already picked 1.

I would have loved to show you all my plants.   Unfortunately Blogger isn't letting me add more photos, I'm not sure why.

Sorry for the non scrappy post.  I just love my garden and wanted to share it.

Have a Great Day and Happy Scrapbooking.

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