Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have a Great Christmas Eve

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve.

I'm going to keep this short becasue well it's almost Christmas.

I did want to give a quick update.  I was waiting until Susy said I could get it, but I can now tell you what I'm getting her for Christmas.

I'm going to buy Susy the Cutterpillar Pro Version 3.  I know these are back ordered so I'm hoping we can get one in a timely fashion.  I already wrote Oh My Crafts to ask them when they expect the next shipment to be sent out.  Their website currently gives 2 different dates :(

I also decided what I want Susy to get me; copic markers.  Finally, I will have more than skin tones and blue.  I'm having her pick out the colors.

I know we should have already purchased these gifts, but life has been so Crazy Busy that we never found the time.  We already got gifts for everyone else.

We may not have a gift under the tree for each other (besides a bag a candy that we each got the other a few days ago), but I don't think either of us cares to much.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Happy Scrapbooking!