Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to use the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter

If you have never used the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter or if yours doesn't seem to work this how to will be helpful.

Before I get to the how to let me explain what led to this blog post.  Last night Susy (my wife who also scrapbooks) told me she was going to toss this tool because it didn't work.  She asked if before she tossed it I wanted it.

I took it from her and after only a few minutes was able to make it work.  I offered to give it back, but she said I could keep it.  I know all this might seem silly she's my wife and all so I could really use her tools whenever I want.  The thing is Susy is very particular about how "her" things are put away and cared for.  Now that it's "mine" that's less stress for me.  Anyway back to the subject why had it never worked for her?

Susy had always tried to use it on her self healing scrapbook mat.  The blade would dig into the mat and stop spinning.  I fixed this problem by using a glass cutting mat.  Do not buy this tool if you don't have a glass mat because it will not work.

Step by step how to make a circle:

1) Gather your Martha Stewart Circle Cutter, a glass cutting mat, and a paper

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2) Remove a blade from the top of the spinner circle and put it in but pressing into the bottom of the tool and carefully removing the plastic cover for the blade.

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3) Select the size circle you want and line up the tools blade with the slots on the spinner.  Hold the spinner and cutting tool firmly down and take the blade on a trip around the spinner.
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Note that for me the sizes smaller than 1 3/8 diameter would not work.  The smaller your circle the harder the tool will be to use.

4) After cutting out your circles carefully put the cutting blade away.

I made this just for fun I'm not sure what I'll use it on someday.

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Note that when you look at the circles I actually cut out they aren't completely perfect.  I suspect that with more practice I would get better.
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In the end, would I call the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter the perfect tool?  No, but it is helpful to be able to cut almost any circle between 1 3/8 and 5 1/2 anywhere on a project.  I actually already had a project in mind for tomorrows post using this tool.

I hope if like Susy you have this tool sitting in a drawer for a long time and never been able to use it this post helps you.

Have a Great Day and Happy Scrapbooking

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