Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Look at Our Store

If you visit our store you will see a new banner at the top of our homepage.

New Scrapbook Banner
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I'm not a computer expert, so this actually took me several days to make.  I started by making the picture.  I simply drew and cut out all the parts.  Next, I took a ink pen and drew in all the sew lines.

The project was too large to scan at 12x24 inches so I had to take a photo.  Sadly, my stitches did not show well up in the photo.  Not discourage I went back in with my computer and added all those little stitches by tracing over my original stitch lines.

When I showed it to Susy she liked it, but wanted clouds.  I went back in with the computer and added clouds to the image. Then it was a "simple" matter of adding the text to our new banner.

Last, but not least I added links to it.  The house links to your account, the truck tells you when your package will arrive, our store tells you more about Susy and I, and the 3 stitched words tell you about our price match guarantee, free shipping and easy returns.

 There are a few changes I may still make to it, but at least our temporary banner is finally gone.  I was never happy with it, but could never find one to replace it.  I hope you like our new banner more than the old one.
old scrapbook banner
Old temporary banner

In other news, we are now using Amazon to  host our new banner image and will be moving other images to Amazon shortly.  This should not only speed up the load time of our store, but will also save us money so we can keep our prices the best online.

Sorry that I've been away from the blog a few days.  I promise to have a new fun post tomorrow.

Until then have a Great Day and Happy Scrapbooking!

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