Thursday, December 5, 2013

On Our Way Cruise Ship Scrapbook Layout

cruise ship scrapbook layout
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Not to long ago Susy's brother who we affectionately call Machi  went on a cruise with his long time girlfriend.

He sent Susy a few pictures from his cell phone and needless to say Susy wanted to make a scrapbook page.

I know Susy is looking forward to showing it to him.

Unfortunately, he lives 7 hours from us.

We got to visit him on Thanksgiving, but Susy didn't want to bring the the page with us because she was afraid it would get messed up.

Machi expects that he will get to visit this Christmas and I'm sure we will show him then.  That's one of the nice things about my wife's family.  They are all very close and even though her brother is 7 hours from us it's unusual for more than a month to pass without us seeing him.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a wonderful holiday season.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking!

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  1. Loveeeeeeeeeee this!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the circles!!!!!!