Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Free USPS Truck Digi Stamp That Wasn't Meant to Be

I just spent many hours making what I consider by far my best digi ever.

It was of a USPS truck.  In the past, I had searched the web high and low for this very digi and not been able to find it.

I was about to post this shinny new digi when I asked myself, "what if there is a reason no one has it".  A quick search of the usps website that I should have made before spending many hours making this digi revealed what looked like a $25 charge to even ask for use of their logo.

I can't justify spending that just so I can share a digi so I'm afraid it will remain a beautiful masterpiece that no one will ever see and a USPS truck without the logo just isn't the same.  Besides if they are that uptight about their logo I kind of fear putting a digi that look so much like a post office truck even without the logo.

It hurts not to share this one :(

Anyway what's lost is lost I guess.

Earlier today I went on a walk a looking at nature for insperation.  Luckly nature isn't copyrighted :)

Here are a few fun pictures I took on my walk.

squirrel on tree
Just Hanging Out

duck in grass
Relaxing in the Sun

frightened squirrel
Who's that

sidewalk with shadows
The walk home

Looking up at the trees
Looking up at the trees

I also took a few that will be turned into digi stamps that I'll save to show you later.

Have a great day and Happy Scrapbooking!


  1. That is a bummer about the stamp :( I loveeeeee the photos ... the squirrel is adorable!!!!!!

  2. I'm sorry to everyone that I could not share this stamp. At 2 days old this is already my 2nd most viewed blog post ever. It proves that like me many people wanted this digi. I just wish I could have shared it with you all. Sorry again.

  3. Oh that stinks! I am sure your digi is awesome! I know what a labor of love making these digis is. Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving your comment :) You made my day.