Friday, January 17, 2014

Handmade Valentines Day Card

handmade Valentines Day cardI made this Valentines Day Card to give to Susy (my wife).

The background paper is a marbled beige that doesn't really show in the photos.

I really like how the cat turn out.  I colored the cat solid gray and then took my colorless blender and started removing gray in some areas.

Now onto the love story behind the card.

Susy and I came from two different worlds.  I'm a country boy born and raised in rural Kentucky and shes a big city girl who grew up in Miami Fl and Spain. 

cat and fish friends
Susy and I will have been married for 10 years on April 2.

Around 14 years ago I met Susy for the first time online.  I had a girlfriend at the time and she had a boyfriend, but I remember how much she impressed me from the first time I talked with her.  I hadn't known her 2 days when when my birthday came along so I was shocked and impressed when birthday card  arrived in my inbox.

We stayed good friends for around a year.  Susy's boyfriend broke up with her.  Months passed and my girlfriend of the time confessed that she was cheating on me.

string card hingeI was of heartbroken and fell into the arms of my best friend Susy for comfort.  It didn't take many weeks of talking all the time before one of us said you know I always thought if had both been single when we met we would have been perfect for each other.  The other quickly seconded the thought and just like that we were now a couple.

I remember telling her I don't think anything will change.  We already spend so much time together and tell each other everything.

Many sleepless nights talking online and on the phone passed and I was to discover how wrong I was.   Things were different.  Susy made me happier than I ever had been in my entire life.

I lived at home at this time and needless to say (in the time period when everyone met online was perceived is a axe killer) it wasn't a relationship my mom approved of.  One night at around 1 am Susy and I were talking and decided we were both done with this long distance thing.  I quickly tossed some things in my car and rolled out of the driveway in the middle of the night.  Basically is a man in his early 20's I ran away from home at least that's how my mom saw it.

I arrived in Florida the next morning and only days latter  proposed.

Mean while her parents didn't even know I existed.  They would have understood how we met less than my mom did so Susy made up a cute story about how I met her in a parking lot and carried in her bags for her.

It's an unconventional love story, but I wouldn't change the tangled path that led me straight to my one and only true love.  I will forever be grateful to be her husband and do my best to be the man she deserves.

I hope you all like the card.  If you don't tell me and I'll make her a new one.  This is the kind of thing I try hard to do right.

Have a great day and happy scrappbooking!

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  1. What a sweet story on how you both met and fell in love!! I loveeeeeee the card ... loving the kitty and the doily!!!!!!