Monday, February 24, 2014

How to Heat Emboss without Embossing Ink

Summary: How to heat emboss without embossing ink and get a cracked paint effect.

When I made the card for yesterdays post I encountered a problem that I didn't tell you about.   After completing my black dragonfly and leaf background for the first time I embossed it with the title all natural beauty.  To my shock and horror when I added embossing powder it stuck to all my dragon flies that had been stamped with pigment ink.  It was a cool discovery, but also one that forced me to trash my first attempt at the card.

That discovery will be the subject of today's blog post.

So why did it stick to my dragonflies and not the leafs I asked myself?  The answer was simple.  The dragonflies had been stamped with pigment ink but the leafs with die ink.  A quick look at our embossing ink pad confirmed my theory.  The embossing pad was labeled clear "Pigment Ink".  Wow I said to myself it's nothing but normal pigment ink without the color?

I set up my experiment.  I stamped a rose with or embossing Ink from Inkadinkado and one with Pink Pigment Ink from ColorBox.  My first observation was that the color box ink actually worked better!  I got complete coverage of the stamped image on my first try.  However I did not get complete coverage with the embossing ink.  In fact, I had to apply embossing powder to the stamp 2 times and actually had to rub it in on my 2nd try because it just wouldn't stick.  Even after trying very hard to get the emobossing powerder to stick the result is well ugly.

You can see in the side by side how much better using normal pigment ink looks.  At least to me.

I can see you saying, but when I stamp with embossing ink my stamps come out better than your example, and I'm sure they do.  I have done many embossed images before with clear embossing ink and seldom do they come out anywhere close to this bad.  My guess would be that because I used an embossing powder for the first time that had an unusually large size for embossing powder it had trouble sticking.

Now for the exciting part.  Note the two different pinks.  One of them is the embossing powder and the other is the ColorBox pigment ink.     It has the a cool cracked paint look that I absolutely love.  Next time I need to emboss something I hope I remember this discovery and not reach for the conventional choice.

If you try this technique please post a link to a photo of your project.  I would love to see your creation.

Have a Great Day and Happy Scrapbooking!


  1. Awesome tip ... I can totally see the differences!!

  2. Thanks for the tip Gary! Yes a big difference! ;)