Thursday, February 13, 2014

Update on Our Store

This is my 2nd post of the day and not a fun one.  However, we try to keep our customers up to date on all changes to our store.

Sadly not only is this not a fun post, but a sad one also.  The picture with this post sums it up nicely.  Sometimes shipping options just don't work anymore.  Up until only minutes ago customers could go to our store and have any order under $5 shipped for only $3.50.  All orders from $5-$49.99 shipped for $5.99 and orders over $50 shipped free.

Unfortunately due to the high cost of shipping items and how close we sell our items to the wholesale price we pay for them we have lost money on the last several small orders we sent out.  We love scrapbooking and helping our customers save money, but we can't stay in bussiness if we lose money on orders so we have been forced to discontinue or $3.50 shipping on small orders.

All orders under $50 still ship for $5.99 to all 50 states in the US including Alaska and Hawaii.  All orders over $50 still ship free to all 50 states.

I'm truely sorry that Susy and  I had to change our stores shipping policy.  It only applies to new orders placed after the change.

If you have any questions please ask and we will be happy to help.

A special thinks to George Hodan for the great photo


  1. Totally understand ... shipping is expensive!!!!!

  2. I so hear you, I ran a kit club before, a lot of time when I do buy one get one free promotion, it ended losing money, expensive postage had forced me to make more CAS card, especially for overseas, 1.10 vs 6.95 for a simple card.

  3. I understand! I have designed for a kit club and for an online store, and I have seen how sales can be costly for the owner, not to mention their time to package and send.