Friday, February 28, 2014

Waste not, Want not Scrapbooking Alpha

7gypsies packaging
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The other day Susy purchased some 7 gypsies chipboard letters for herself.  The moment she had discarded
the empty packages I asked if I could have them.  I had several projects in mind.

Today's project is a simple one that I'm sure most of you have done in the past.  Why toss perfectly good chipboard alphabets just because they are on the packaging?

upcycled scrapbooking letters
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I simply took our heavy duty paper trimmer and cut each letter out.  I didn't worry to much about the cutting them out perfectly because I thought imperfection would look better with these letters.   I left the numbers in a strip in case I want to use them that way.

It was a simple project that got me a set of free and unique alphabets to use on my projects.

Next time you're about to toss the packaging in the trash think twice.  It might look perfect in your next scrapbook layout or card.

Have a Great Day and Happy Scrapbooking!