Friday, March 21, 2014

Free Disney Scrapbook Supplies

Did the title get your attention?  Since when did you see free Disney scrapbook supplies?   I know that I never see them.

What I do see from time to time is Disney mailings that I can cut apart to get make my own free Disney scrapbook accessories from.  I'm not sure how Susy and I got on the Disney mailing list.  We have been on it for years.  However, if I had to guess I would say it's because we asked for a free Disney vacation DVD 10 years ago.

I would love to share the pictures of all the great characters I cut out.  Unfortunately, we all know Disney has an army of lawyers so out of fear I can't share them.  Trust that I got 7 high gloss Disney characters some with metallic parts and all super cute and around 6 inches tall.

I'm not sure if I can even legally show you projects I make with the characters.  All that said it's worth signing up for the mailing list.

I hope this little tip helps you save some money

Have a Great Day and Happy Scrapbooking!


  1. You can show them - if it's something you upcycled -- then there is no problem sharing it -- I see it all over blog land all the time :)

  2. thanks :)

    the last thing I wanted to do was get Disney upset with me