Saturday, March 22, 2014

Samsung Smart Camera WB250F Review

Our old camera


Yes I know that's a very boring title, but I like this camera so much I wanted others to be able to find this review on Google.

Our previous camera was a Cannon  Powershot A2300.  Although for the most part it took good photos outside, it always had trouble in low light conditions.  Trying to take a photo at night even with flash was sure to be a failure.  Once at a friends indoor wedding we didn't have one single photo come out clear.  Still readers of this blog will know that Susy and I are cheap, so we weren't about to run out and buy a new camera.  Then one day while taking scrapbooking photos in the rain our cannon got wet.  Much of the functionality of the camera was lost, but it would take a basic photo.


So why the upgrade now?


Susy and I are soon going to NYC for our anniversary and we wanted a camera that could actually capture the memories we make.


The research


I went online and started researching every camera on the market under $200.  I actually spent more than 15 hours reading every review I could find by both average users of cameras and professional photographers.  The problem was Susy and I wanted a lot of camera for not a lot of money.  It needed to have basically perfect reviews, take clear photos at all times with accurate colors.  We also wanted a camera that recorded in HD video that we could use to make YouTube videos.  Those cameras are few and far between in the under $200 range.

I was starting to feel like I might never find a camera.

WB250F camera
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Then I finally found the Samsung Smart Camera WB250F.  I just couldn't find bad reviews of this camera and the photos people had taken with it all looked gorgeous.  I even read one review that said they prefered it to their DSLR.

I after visiting the store and buying the camera we couldn't be happier.

My review


My first comment to Susy was "this makes taking photos fun again"

Almost every photo I have taken so far has came out beautifully and the ones that did not were my fault.  The camera has a lot of settings and I still have a lot of learning to do.

  • Clear photos with accurate colors
  • Crystal clear x18 optical zoom
  • Ability to share photos from the camera with family and friends directly from the camera
  • Ability to see what the camera sees and take a photo with it from our phone.  This will be great for taking photos of us together.
  • Ability to take photos at night in near darkness even with out a flash
  • Very bright flash when needed
  • Ability to manually set the shutter speed or prioritize between aperture or shutter speed
  • Ability to manually set the point of foucus
  • Touch screen
  • Many built in photo filters
  •  Night time photos with no flash take very time and will likely blur badly if you don't use a tripod, but this would be the case with any camera capable of taking a photo a night

Overall I would highly recommend this camera to scrapbooker.  I took these photos with our new camera.

canal in Florida
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 I really liked the reflection of the trees in this canal.

tree with roots showing
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 Great roots on this tree.  A lot of trees in Florida have roots like this, but I always find them cool.

vines in trees
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 I've never seen a tree with so many vines on it.

palm trees blowing in wind
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 Palm trees blowing in the wind.

wild Florida
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 A little bit of country in the middle of the city.

birds on electric line
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These birds were taken at 18 times zoom.  I love that the photo is still clear.  We have never had a camera that could do that before.

pretty sidewalk
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 Sidewalk near our home.

young squirrel
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Young squirrel

I hope this review is helpful if you are looking for a camera.  

Have a Great Day and Happy Scrapbooking!

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  1. Great review ... I have always used my DSLR ...but looking for a small camera for everyday things :)