Thursday, August 14, 2014

Buy Your Very Own Scrapbook Store

Susy and I will be closing the doors to in the near future, but it is my hope that one of our scrappy friends will take it over.  In this blog post I'm going to do my best to give a true behind the scenes look at the website and what it is that we are trying to pass on.

We are having an auction of sorts for 6 days or until the store closes.  $500 is our opening bid, but lower offers will be considered.  Currently there are no offers.

So what do you get if you buy the website????

  1. The name   This name has scrapbooking in the title it's well suited for SEO (search engine optimization) .  I also believe it to be a memorable name.
  2. The website  Howmuch is my site worth values the page at $845 There are monthly fees associated with keeping a website open.  However, the website and store will be yours.  You will have complete and sole control of it unless you decide to share it with someone. has been open since 2011.  It has 1,842 back links.  If you search for cheap and scrapbooking online you will find our store in the first 10 pages of many Google search results.   For example cheap scrapbook paper is found on the top of page 3 of Google above acherryontop.  other examples include page 3 for cheap scrapbook supplies, page 3 for cheap scrapbooking, page 4 for scrapbooking supplies cheap, page 8 for scrapbook paper sale.  The site is currently made up of 645 pages.  Between the dates of  8/6 and 8/12 our homepage alone received 573 visits.
  3. Control of How much is my site worth values the blog at $69.  There are no monthly fees to keep the blog open.  Currently it has no ads so does not earn money, but you could add ads if you wanted.  The blog has 38 members.  You would own not only control of the blog, but all digital content that was made by Susy, myself or that we can legally sell.  The blog has 34,000 total page views and received 1,000 in the last month alone(I was not making new post last month and still received 1,000 visits).
  4. A list of people on our store mailing list at the time of sale.   The people on the mailing list have been told the list might be sold and some could opt out.  However, currently the list has 71 members who requested to be on it.  A high percentage of the mail sent is opened.  If you have ever tried to make a mailing list you will know how hard it is and how valuable those 71 people are for a company.
  5. Control of our Pinterest account 52 followers
  6. Control of our facebook, twitter, and youtube accounts
  7. Control of many email accounts associated with the store including,, and plus several other email accounts
  8. I'll do my best to make the hand over is easy is possible.  I understand that who ever takes over will likely have a lot to learn.  The company that currently host the store has helpful staff. 

If it's such a great store, why are you selling????

That's a fair question.  Honestly, despite all the great things it has going for it, we are losing money and no longer have the time or money to spend on it. It's not like we are losing a lot of money.  The store doesn't cost a lot to keep open and it does make sales just not enough of them.  There are things we could do to make it more successful but we have decided to move on to the dream of home ownership and let this one go.

What could you have done to make it more successful that you didn't do????  That's a good question,

  1. I always felt that if we had gotten more new papers from the manufacture instead of old items we would have made more sales.  However, the benefit to buying old papers is if you don't sell them right away they won't go down in value.
  2. I'm sure that only having paypal available is a payment option cost us many sales.  I can tell you the store gets many abandoned carts and that many people for what ever reason do not like to pay with paypal.   However, setting up different payment options cost money and we never did it.
  3. Advertising:  Only once did we ever pay for advertising and that month we made more sales than we ever have before.  The advertising paid for it's self and then some.  However, Susy always believed in keeping our cost low so we never advertised again.
  4. Made more youtube videos and blog post

If you have any questions at all, or want proof of any claims just ask and I'll be glad to help.

It took me years to get the dream of this store started.  I want it to live on.  If you want a scrapbook store save yourself years of work and buy ours for a huge head start.  Will you be the one who finally makes this store into what it was always supposed to be?

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